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“More gleaming, the anthology of Venetian music of the Seicento, mixing works by Marini, Rovetta and Valentini around the theme of the four seasons, is superbly defended by the soprano Blažíková (impeccable diction and agile vocalisation), supported with fervour and intelligence by a solid vocal and instrumental ensemble (BERNVOCAL), under the energetic and attentive direction of Fritz Krämer. (Stagioni d’amore, Passacaille, *****).”

CD Cover: Stagioni d’Amore – Hana Blažíková

CD Stagioni d’Amore (Madrigals by Marini, Rovetta & Valentini)


Hana Blažíková – soprano
Barbora Kabátková – soprano
Jan Börner – alto
Michael Feyfar – tenor
Raphael Höhn – tenor
Markus Flaig – bass

Franciska Hajdu – violin
Anna Amstutz – violin
Sara Gómez Yunta– viola
Julien Léonard – viola da gamba
Armin Bereuter – viola da gamba & violone
Rosario Conte – theorbo
Antonio Greco – harpsichord/organ

Fritz Krämer – direction